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WordPress Woes Here in 2016

Old (-ish) server equipment, old (very, no ish about it) PHP v5.3.xx and WordPress version 4.xx don’t work together.  Period.  Don’t believe us, net search for “wordpress image upload error”.  You’ll see.  Google says right now: About 1,310,000 results (0.59 seconds)

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Serious fail2ban!

Serious Sam Box ArtIt reminds me of a level of Serious Sam – the one where 1,000s of those headless bomb-toting zombie-soldiers and screamers came pouring at you relentlessly, seemingly to infinity (and beyond).

It was a backdraft. Or the eye of the Zombie-Nado-Cane. When the bad-bots got some air around August 5th – hak4umz.net DDoS or DNS Amplification – fail2ban (and the servers) got burned.

Even the “eye-dee-keff-kuh-may” (TammyBelle’s God Mode Code for DOOM][ ) cheat didn’t help.  fail2ban got clobbered… ‘already banned’ every one second in the log and no more bans happening because 100s or 1000s of times per second from 100s or thousands of bots: bad requests.

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ZombieBots Part 2 or…

Sharknado! sharknado

Equally exciting, terrifying, low-budget and prone to sequels.

So bad it’s good movie lovers, click the link above and see if you can survive that whirlwind of bites.

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6.18.2013 Finally…

Dear Diary:

June 6, 2013: need a new website for a customer.  “Let’s do wordpress!”  Boom #1: wordpress needs newer php.

June 6-8, 2013: Thinking, discussing, planning regarding: in-place updates never work.  “Just setup a new server all up to date and ready for wordpress.”

June 9, 2013: Smart I.T. peoples backup on Sunday, run a full system backup… Boom #2: backup hard drives marked “read only” (usually means damage or imminent failure).

June 9-16, 2013: 2 new (rebuild one, fire up and build the “backup equipment” been sitting idle since 2008 waiting for catastrophe) servers to dish DNS, one will be “live” server, one is a fall-back/backup.

June 9-16, 2013: The endless cascade of computer junk.  One thing leads to one more thing that reveals that other problem and so-on and so-on.

June 16, 2013 11:00PM: everything transferred from 3 servers onto/into the new pair.  Shutdown (shutdown -h now) “ninesix” (online since 1.2010) and “isp1100″ (since 2006?? 2005?? earlier??).  Unplug this, plug in that, check this check that… “Tomorrow, let’s do wordpress!”

June 17, 2013: Boom #3.  bind (DNS Server) SERVFAIL.  Zone file for MLD Computers ( mldragon.com, how cool is that ) marked with .err extension, all ‘other’ domains working (sort of), but DNS errors for one cause DNS errors for many.  Finally got passed bind/DNS problems (delete the zones and re-create is the hind-sight how-to).  ns3 DNS ports lost in the shuffle (they say forwarding and accepted, poof no reply).

June 17, 2013: Boom #4.  Lots of “little fixes” needed to make sites work/look like they used to.  All new server os and hosting software should not be mixed with all old web design.

June 18, 2013: Finally…
All of this and that and the others settled down enough: “Let’s do wordpress!”

So, testing it out here before trying on the customer site that started this ‘mess’ 12 days ago.