Jan 2014 RoundCube Webmail

squirrelmail is not fired, it’s just getting semi-retired.

The digital world has out-run squirrel:

  • Does not work fully with Internet Explorer 11
  • Does not work fully with mac and iDevices (pod, phone, pad, OSX (**ok with Mozilla or firefox on OSX but no one runs that)
  • Does not work fully with [An]Droid devices
  • Does not work fully with Surface (trimmed IE 10/11)

roundcube logo
So, 1.11.14 we installed and tested version 0.9.5 of roundcube.

Hosted at MLD/CMI? Check it out at [www.yourdomain.xyz]/rcmail or, for example:


Log in using your full email address as username (just like squirrel).

After your first log in you should go to the settings screen and turn on HTML composition and viewing and set your signature options (if you keep using roundcube).

Both work fine side-by-side, but you should not be logged in with both at the same time.

Link at the top/right soon.