GWX – or buy an apple computer

Dear Microsoft:  You’re fired. (I wish)

The files are all dated May 16th but the popups began today, June 1, 2015, down there by the clock, in the “Tray.”

Get Windows X – with no “go away” button.

Is it hogging up the system resources? Is it covering the whole screen?  Singing songs?

No.  But mosquitos and flies only occupy like .0001% of your cellular mass while they are annoying the pee out of you.  And, much like those mosquitos and flies, if you land your poop-eating or blood-sucking self on my .0001% of my cellular mass – I consider seriously ending you.

/me sets the eyes on the Linux distros and the mac-cy compy.
(Only real computer nerds know what that means – hopefully MS has one they can consult with.) comes to mind.

OK – since I can’t “end” MS like the other poop-eaters and blood-suckers of my life here’s the “hard way” to get rid of the “Get Windows X” nuisance.

Start Task Manager (works with or without “Run as Administrator”), find GWX.exe and “End” it.

Now you have to hurry up, because they jammed your Task Scheduler full of garbage to rebirth this thing.  And you cannot (even as Administrator) disable or delete the tasks.

Open a command prompt (that’s a DOS box for you old people) – as Administrator:
Win7: Start Bubble->Type “CMD” in the box->Wait… the list will produce “Command Prompt” -> Right-click it and “Run as Administrator” (left-click).

Win8: Right-Click the doo-hicky-Windows-cubes in the lower-left corner, left-click Administrator Command or whatever they call it (I can’t stand 8/8.1 so I still “roll with 7″)

It should open in the C:\windows\system32 “folder” by default.

Type: CD Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\Setup and then press [Enter].

There are two directories (“folders”) here that contain (on my computer) 5 different tasks.

The first directory “GWX” can be properly disposed of from here, so:

Type: DEL GWX\*.* and press [Enter].  Answer yes to the prompt.

Next type: RD GWX and press [Enter].  Poof, one down.

Now the Tricky-Sticky one: GWXTriggers – you can’t touch this from your CMD prompt. Or, can you?  If you try – like I did (see picture) – you’ll get 3 permission denied errors.2015_0601_adminCMD_kill_GWXschedules

Here’s what you do:
Get “into” that directory so it is the default – type: CD GWXTriggers and press [Enter]

Now type: START .  (that’s start and a space and a period (or dot)) and press [Enter]

Windows Explorer should open up and tell you to [Continue] to gain permanent permissions to the folder – so [Continue].

Now, mark the three files, delete them (recycle or not, it’s up to you), close Explorer.

Back at your “elevated” command box, type: CD .. (CD space and two periods/dots) and press [Enter].

Type: RD GWXTriggers and press [Enter].

There, done, gone, no more popups (until tomorrow).

Someone find me an exit from this Matrix, or like the famous LK is reported to have said on Sunday 5.31.15: “When will this madness end?”