Win7 IE11 Adobe Flash Woes

We don’t shut-down and restart our computers very often.  The longer you leave it on, the more seems to be wrong with it.  Video playback problems, Internet Explorer not responding, blank pop-ins / pop-overs, otherwise totally annoying “movie ads” play just fine then a message that “your video” could not play (helpful message that says ERROR and nothing else) or that “Your browser does not support…”  Windows 7, 64-Bit, Internet Explorer (IE) 11, Adobe Flash Player something-or-other (it seems there’s a new one every minute). Continue reading

WordPress Woes Here in 2016

Old (-ish) server equipment, old (very, no ish about it) PHP v5.3.xx and WordPress version 4.xx don’t work together.  Period.  Don’t believe us, net search for “wordpress image upload error”.  You’ll see.  Google says right now: About 1,310,000 results (0.59 seconds)

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That’s a fine server, Anthony, a fine, fine server!

Twighlight Zone Good Life Anthony

You’re a bad bot. I’m tired of playing with you. I’m going to make you dead now.

July, 2014.  The internet is a secluded village, all controlled and terrorized by one boy…

Meet Anthony, from the ‘It’s a Good Life’ episode of The Twilight Zone (Nov. 1961).  Details over at imdb, or watch the whole episode (with modernized commercial/ad inserts) at hulu.

We’ve hired Anthony, now in his 50s to do away with spam, Zombie DNS DDoS Bots, and other such pests buzzing around and annoying or destroying everything and everyone in the internet play ground.  We should have thought of it earlier… Just making bad things dead or wishing them into the cornfield.

OK, not quite that easy, here’s what’s up in the fight against Spam-Nados and Zombie Bots…

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Less Spammy Inboxes

Trick or Treat?

We have had to turn back on/up as many of the filters and blocks as possible because the “spam load” on some of the users (including the admin) is overwhelming.

Some of your contacts may get ‘rejections’ or ‘bounces’ if their servers are identified as “blacklisted” (DNSBL).  If you have any reports from your friends about problems email and we’ll get them whitelisted.

Serious fail2ban!

Serious Sam Box ArtIt reminds me of a level of Serious Sam – the one where 1,000s of those headless bomb-toting zombie-soldiers and screamers came pouring at you relentlessly, seemingly to infinity (and beyond).

It was a backdraft. Or the eye of the Zombie-Nado-Cane. When the bad-bots got some air around August 5th – DDoS or DNS Amplification – fail2ban (and the servers) got burned.

Even the “eye-dee-keff-kuh-may” (TammyBelle’s God Mode Code for DOOM][ ) cheat didn’t help.  fail2ban got clobbered… ‘already banned’ every one second in the log and no more bans happening because 100s or 1000s of times per second from 100s or thousands of bots: bad requests.

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