About computermedic.org

– – – – – Web/Email Hosting (of MLD Computers) – – – – –

computermedic.org is the ‘internet server (web – email – remote backup) arm’ of MLD Computers.

We currently (2013) have approximately 30 ‘Simple Host’ web customers and one ‘higher end plan’ web customer.  We are not currently adding customers to our web, email nor remote-backup services.

– Simple Host Plan: (left-over from BeagleHost(ing) – $119.40 per year web/email hosting billed annually ($9.95/month domain name registration/renewal included).

Existing Web/Email Customers Support Info:

– There is no longer ‘user self-administration’ of email accounts.  You must call 910-892-1616 or email support@computermedic.org to add, remove or change an email account.

– We cannot ‘recover’ passwords, if you do not remember a user’s password then it must be changed – call or email with which account/address it is and what you would like the password to be.

– All email addresses have ‘webmail’ access:
* type www.[yourdomain.com]/webmail/ into your web browser
* use the full email address (with the @domain.com) and that user’s password to login.

– Instructions page for setting up email clients -soon-.
* Make sure to use your domain (no www. or email. or mail., just the domain name) for incoming and outgoing servers;
* the ‘incoming’ is POP3;
* the ‘outgoing’ is SMTP;
* IMAP is not used nor supported;
* make sure that [X]Outgoing Server Requires Authentication (or similar) is enabled/checked;
* make sure that [ ]SPA Authentication is not enabled/checked.
* make sure that [ ]use SSL (or Secure Sockets) is not enabled/checked.

– – – – – History – – – – –

In August of 2002 Stephen Surles (Founder, President, CEO until 2008) combined his web-server business (seavenheavens since 1996) and full-time I.T. work (IT Director/M.I.S. at a government contracting firm) and his part-time computer work (building, repairing PCs for Buffaloe(.com) Computer Center and Mitzi’s Little Dragon/MLD Computers) into his own ‘one full-time business':  Computer Medic, Inc. (at .org).  Mr. Surles sucessfully operated Computer Medic until January, 2008.  (A full-time [less-time] job offer was extended to Mr. Surles and he accepted the offer and sold Computer Medic.)

In January of 2008 MLD Computers merged with (or purchased) Computer Medic and Dean Wiley became the President/CEO.  In December of 2009 the ‘retail and repair’ business of ‘PC Computers’ had died with the ‘Global Economic Disaster’ and all day-to-day retail/repair operations (Computer Medic and MLD) were stopped.  Computer Medic, Inc. (the corporate entity) was dissolved.

Computer Medic (.org) remains as the ‘internet server’ portion of MLD Computers (web, email and remote backup for carry-on/carry-over customers).  It is ‘too much technology’ to try to explain how difficult it would be to ‘just change the name (DNS)’ of all of those servers.  We are not adding customers and if/when the last of the Sevenheavens/BeagleHost/MLD/ComputerMedic customers ‘moves on or fades away’ we will consider releasing or selling the computermedic.org domain name.

– – – – –